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Life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care.
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Good Vibes HERE
I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.
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Wishing my best friend a HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! 💕 no matter where either if us may be in the world, I know that nothing can break our friendship. We’ve always talked about celebrating our 21st birthdays and I’m so heartbroken that I’m not with you on your special day, but take a tequila shot for me 😉 (not that you haven’t already been drinking this weekend haha) I love you so much and I’m looking forward to the day I see you again and venture out with you! 😘 #unipead?
Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.


This weeks theme: PRODUCTIVITY! All entrepreneurs need some tips and tricks to keep us on top of our game!


Anyone who says cutting into the real fabric isn’t terrifying is lying.

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sad black and white blog, I follow back similar
What you are is a complicated girl with simple needs. You need your books and time to read, and you need a few friends and you need someone-not to take care of you, but to care for you. If you have all those things, you’ll always be alright.
— “Breakable You” by Brian Morton  (via hefuckin)


If I’m extra sarcastic with you it probably means I’m flirting with you or you really annoy me and I can’t handle your shit

Have fun figuring out which

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